About Eola Crest Cattle & 71X Farmstore

Eola Crest Cattle

For over 45 years our farming family has called the Willamette Valley home. We are a family owned and operated farm providing meat that begins with happy and healthy animals. We are passionate about the quality of care our animals receive—from ensuring fresh, clean water, to a nutritious diet, proper healthcare, and comfortable housing. This is just a fraction of the TLC our cows receive on our farm.

Angus beef is the foundation of Eola Crest Cattle’s offerings and is accented by handmade dry rubs, jerky, pepperoni, and Jen’s woodworks. Jen got her passion for woodworking from her father. She does most of her own carpentry and has created Eola Crest Cattle branded cutting boards, which you can find topped with meats and cheeses at R. Stuart & Co’s tasting room in downtown McMinnville or Dobbes Family Estate in Dundee. 

Eola Crest Cattle beef is the choice of many local chefs, and ECC is a locally-loved merchant at the McMinnville Farmers’ Market.

About 71X Farmstore

 71X Farmstore was named after the cow who started it all — 71X also known as Scarlett. She’s pictured at the top of the page.  71X was the first beef cow, a registered angus heifer,  brought into our farming family by our daughter, Hayley, as a 4-H project in 2010.

Since then Hayley’s passion for beef cattle and the angus breed has rubbed off onto us. We established Eola Crest Cattle and never looked back. 71X Farmstore is located just minutes from Linfield College, Jen’s alma mater.

—Jennifer & Pete DeHaan, Owners & Farmers

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